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Foodgarden in TijuanaPhoto and Video by Lilia Hernandez
Photo and Video by Lilia Hernandez

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There are many places you go to and just do not know what to expect. You hear things here and there about how good it is, like on the variety of food or on the place itself, and even about how the people there are like. All of this and more are the type of things I heard about Foodgarden after it opened, reason for the high expectations I had about it, which to my surprise they met.

Ricardo Nevarez, owner of Foodgarden, welcomed us and gave us a little tour of the place. We sat at a table and immediately he offered us a variety of freshly made flavored water that honestly seemed a bit eccentric. One of the flavors was mint with lemon, and the other one was orange with ginger. We were delighted to try them out.

We began by asking him a bit about how this idea came about, to what Ricardo said that first of all, he has always been a fan of food and eating well so much that he married a chef who has been his inspiration in everything he does. And second, that while vacationing in Malaysia, he noticed the way people ate in the markets, something curious where all the people went to all food stands and picked their own food and sat at tables located in the middle of the place. It was then when the idea came to Richard, since in Tijuana there is nothing that was similar to this.

But having the concept was not enough, and exploiting the idea was never the goal. What Ricardo wanted was to give something back to the community and what better way to support local talent.

It's no secret that the culinary industry has been booming and impressive growth in recent years, so Ricardo gave himself the task of looking for several young talents and entrepreneurs to be part of the first team at Foodgarden. He wanted people with the experience of having gone through the ups and downs, as Ricardo put it, which his selection did not disappoint at all.

There are 5 restaurants or kitchens that Foodgarden has, and they all vary in itself.

First there is "Los Chilaquiles" that had the most extensive variety of sauces for chilaquiles that I've seen in my life, which in the early morning on weekdays or on a good weekend, chilaquiles are something that you can never go wrong with, especially for those days when you "didn’t get enough sleep".

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