A Cut Above: Sano’s Steak House in Ensenada

One of the premier dining establishments at the city

A Cut Above: Sano’s Steak House in EnsenadaOver decades, Sano’s Steak House has earned the reputation of being one of Ensenada’s premier dining establishments.
Over decades, Sano’s Steak House has earned the reputation of being one of Ensenada’s premier dining establishments.

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By Tom Gatch Via Baja.com

Without a doubt, Sano’s Steak House has become one of the most revered operations of its kind in northern Baja California. Situated at the south end of the toll highway just before Ensenada’s commercial maritime basin, its tasteful mission style exterior conjures up visions of old Mexico.

Their elegant, subtly lit dining room features a high staff to diner ratio, which helps to facilitate the reputation Sano’s has built for providing impeccable service. But it is generally their status as a purveyor of premier quality meats that has brought faithful patrons back through their doors again and again over the years.

While some restaurants that reach this high level of recognition and acceptance might be tempted to rest on their laurels, Sano’s has continued to expanded their facilities to include an open air bar and cocktail alcove with a retracting ceiling that is situated adjacent to a spacious outdoor pergola and romantic fireplace.

This newly revamped section features an independent kitchen and offers an exceptionally comfortable venue for family, friends and business associates to relax while enjoying a host of creative small plate appetizersand tapas along with their favorite beverages.

Sano’s new outdoor menu is light, upbeat and innovative.

The focus is upon freshness, and almost all of the reasonably priced items listed are available for 100 pesos or less.

The raw oysters on the half shell are particularly wonderful; having been lovingly grown at aquaculture facilities that sit only a few miles offshore in the blue Pacific.

Carnivores are not forgotten either, with an array of gourmet slider style burgers made with various combinations of choice, custom ground steak.

And, even though there are several innovative renditions of non-dietetic munchies like cheesy nachos and Baja fries with bits of filet mignon and crisp bacon, the entire menu at Sano’s is constantly evolving to help accommodate diners who might require gluten free options, or have other dietary restrictions.

The grounds beyond include a well constructed stage and seating area that is suitable for live music performance and dancing.

In addition to being a destination unto itself, during warmer weather Sano’s new outdoor addition also offers an inviting alternative for guests who are waiting to be seated at a table in the main dining room.

Baja’s tourism numbers have been up dramatically from what they were just a few years ago.

And, as travelers reacquaint themselves with all of the unique things that make our region such an alluring place to visit, it will certainly be fine dining establishments like Sano’s that will continue to set a standard of excellence for the future.

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