Laura Torres: A Woman looking to improve Rosarito

"I’m seeking to win because I have the ability"

Laura Torres: A Woman looking to improve Rosaritocourtesy: Laura Torres
courtesy: Laura Torres

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Laura Torres is a woman who is seeking to get her family ahead through politics. She first began her political career in the field of business politics, which she then realized that the needs of the people came first that the needs of the people from the business sector she was involved in. She noticed this when she talked to the then President of Mexico, Felipe Calderon and Ernesto Cordero.

And it was for this very reason that motivated Laura Torres to start a political career. Being a strong working woman was the first step, not to mention the family obligations she had to attend to. How did she balance all this and have time for a political career? A career that takes a lot of time and effort.

"I am not the only one and I'm not a saint or a martyr. There are many women like me" she said, and made it very clear that this was a major issue for her. She is passionate about this and did not leave out the issue of education, health and employment.

In Rosarito there are about 3,000 children who are not attending elementary school. Something must and will change. Therefore that’s why she supports the education reform of President Enrique Peña Nieto.

Unfortunately, Rosarito is the only municipality that does not have a State Arts Center. Rosarito artists do not have a concrete platform to express themselves. For Torres, Culture is a key part of development and said, "I will fight for this to make it happen".

She also mentioned that in Rosarito there are many, artisans, singers, actors and other artists from other disciplines. This is why she wants them to develop their talents.

Speaking about jobs, Torres said this is a very important factor for the integration of family, in order for parents to have the confidence in being able to provide for their children with the basics and also when considered appropriate, depending on their financial situation, they can enjoy small little “luxuries”, something every family needs once in a while.

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