Theft of election ballots confirmed in Mexicali

Over 2,000 documents have disappeared

Theft of election ballots confirmed in Mexicalisandiegored services
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The Electoral Institute and Citizen Participation (IEPBC) and the Institutional Revolutionary Party have now reported more than 2,000 ballots as missing, where 703 of those ballots were destined for the election for governor.

The IEPBC advisor, Jaime Vargas, stated that "in Precinct 4 of the Angeles de la colonia Puebla neighborhood, which is also a high criminal rate area full of criminals, surely they did not realize of what they even took."

The burglary was reported earlier today, after Emperatriz Cano Agundez Empress, 26, returned from the movie theater and realized that someone had broken into her home. The ballots were in her possession, along with other materials of the electoral package and a box that was to be used on the July 7 elections.

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