Border Psycho Brewery: The rebel flavor of the border

Part of the craft beer production movement in Baja California

Border Psycho Brewery: The rebel flavor of the borderThe beers of Border Psycho Brewery. Images and video by Lilia Hernández
The beers of Border Psycho Brewery. Images and video by Lilia Hernández

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I first met Roberto Albarran while I was sitting at a bar at a restaurant, where I was doing a review of the new menu. At first glance I found him intimidating, wearing a leather jacket, black shirt and he also had an epic beard. All he needed was just a motorcycle and could well be the president of that motorcycle club. Then I discovered that the Roberto was the one who made the local beer “Border Psycho””, and everything made sense. That same day, he invited me to visit the brewery and gave me his card.

A few weeks later I went over to the Border Psycho brewery / tasting room, located appropriately near the international border in Colonia Libertad neighborhood in the city of Tijuana. Here we were greeted by a friendly pitbull at the front door, where after going inside, I noticed that it was painted with red and black colors-just like the colors of the local professional soccer team-and felt like a motorcycle club.

Javier Albarran, the master brewer of Border Psycho also greeted us at the entrance and gave us a tour of the brewery. He explained in detail the entire brewing process, from the selection of grains, to the bottling process that is performed manually. Each bottle that reaches your hands has passed through theirs; there is nothing that can be more traditional than this.

Roberto arrived moments later while we were enjoying a beer called "Cream", a clear and sweet beer that had not been bottled yet. He then sat down and after we cheered I asked him the obvious question, how did it all began? And as it turns out, Javier Albarran is a sommelier, which in one occasion was fortunate enough to take a course in learning the art of brewing. Roberto, the other half of the duo behind Border Psycho, reached a point in his life where he found himself unemployed. Both brothers decided to go all out and threw themselves out there and began to make their own beers, something they had always wanted to do.

VIDEO : Interview with Roberto Albarrán

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