Provive : The rebirth of communities in Tijuana

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Provive : The rebirth of communities in TijuanaImages and Video by Lilia Hernández.
Images and Video by Lilia Hernández.

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It’s common for citizens to critique the government in actions for the benefit of the citizen, but what happens when the foundation of the driving force are the citizens? This is how Provive was born, a company of social impact that is in charge of refurbishing urban areas, using social development as their help.

The founder and director of this project is Jose Antonio Diaz. He was nominated for the title of entrepreneur of the year by Expansion Group, and it was after this nomination when Jose Antonio presented his initiative which has helped several families in the region.

Provive surges three years ago in Tijuana B.C with the purchase of a series of houses in the area known as “El Florido”. This project began with six houses. Today, Provive wants to redistribute the urban design of some areas, helping the community and the city.

During the last decade, seven million houses were built in Mexico. The growth took place with such rapidness, that the construction didn’t really take in consideration the needs of the citizen. Many houses were left abandoned, and this was the problem that needed fixing.

VIDEO : Interview with Jose Antonio Diaz

Purchasing these houses, and helping the owners pay off their debt, as well as refurbishing and giving financial advice is the purpose of Provive. What’s interesting about all this is how Provive involves the inhabitants of these areas in order to maintain the houses in good shape. By doing so, the houses no have increased in value. This organization enforces the civic obligations as well as financial obligations we all must have.

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