I-805 will be partially closed: Take precautions today

3 hours of traffic are estimated.

I-805 will be partially closed: Take precautions todayInfo Freeways
Info Freeways

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The announcement of the partial closing of interstate 805 south was announced a few days ago, the section between interstate 54 and 905 will be closed for repairs. Which is why Ramon Martinez, one of the coordinators for the project and representative of the California Transportation Department (Caltrans), offered a series of interviews to inform the population of the border of the changes, alternate paths and where to find information regarding the work being done on the Freeway.

VIDEO : Interview with Ramón Martínez

Work on the freeway will start today Sunday August the 18th, after 3:00 P.M. And will continue until 5:00 A.M. On Monday August the 19th. During this time period the bridge from east Palomar will be brought down and it is expected that traffic will see a 3 hour increase. The full project itself will be finalized in late 2014, which is why you will be seeing other partial closings as well as detours.

Martinez is informing the population of both San Diego and Baja California, so they can plan ahead and use alternate routes such as interstates 5 and 125. Although 125 is a toll road, the toll will be suspended during the time repairs are being done on the 805.

You will be able to observe the work progress on the web page “Keep San Diego Moving” with on line cameras, Ramon also invites you to follow the twitter accounts @Sdcaltrans, and @SANDAG so you can keep up to date. Also you can access the facebook page “InfoFreeways” which will provide additional information, which will be available in both English and Spanish.



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