3D Robotics: Custom Made drones in San Diego and Tijuana

Jordi Muñoz, founder of the company, tells his story and the benefits of the Border

3D Robotics: Custom Made drones in San Diego and TijuanaJordi Muñoz, CTO 3D Robotics . Images and video by Lilia Hernández
Jordi Muñoz, CTO 3D Robotics . Images and video by Lilia Hernández

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Success stories are born with an idea. This idea is transformed when the person thinking about it works constantly on achieving it, adapting the best elements at immediate disposal to turn the idea into a reality, Jordi Muñoz is a great example of this.

Jordi Muñoz is co-founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of “3D Robotics”, a bi-national company which has dedicated itself to building and selling a certain type of drone, capable of flight as well taking photographs and video at a distance, and is piloted with remote controls.

VIDEO : Interview with Jordi Muñoz

Originally from Baja California, having lived in Ensenada and Tijuana, the 27 year old CTO now lives in San Diego but crosses the border several times a week, traveling between the “3D Robotics” installations in San Diego and Tijuana. A clear example of how an idea fully pursued at the border, can stand out in an international level, using it's advantages, using the best of both worlds.

Since Jordi Muñoz was young he had an interest in Technology, Electronics, Mechanics and other similar sciences, with a passion for airplanes. “3D Robotics” was created approximately 5 years ago, when Jordi made it a point to reprogram the remote control of a helicopter his mother had given him. “I was bored and I wanted to learn something new” Jordi mentioned. Once he completed that task, he continued his self imparted lessons in technology, using the internet and sharing his experiences through a blog as well as specialized forums, where he met his business partner, Chris Anderson.

Anderson sent Jordi 500 dollars, which he used to buy more sensors and continued practicing and reprogramming for roughly a year. Later on he spent a year in Switzerland and returned to the United states when Chris Anderson made him a new offer. The online community began ordering Jordi's remote controlled devices, which led him to assemble 40 diferent units, which he sold the same day on his store online, that's when he realized there was really good market for his craft and requested Chris Anderson's support.

They then moved the business to a garage and hired more people to assemble the devices, the money gained through the sales was re-invested in the company, allowing them to move later on to a house with a lot more space, given that the business was growing so quickly, until they finally moved to their current office in San Diego. Jordi continued to work on the programming code and hardware, but since it was Open Source, many members of the technological community online got involved in it's development. The community started working on the code, fixing errors, updating and even adding functions, which allowed Jordi to focus more on developing and improving the hardware, some of those that have collaborated are still helping, even though they have their own day jobs, some of them members of renowned companies like Apple. “It's something you can't buy, even with the best salaries, because the people that help us do this for fun, it's their entertainment”, Jordi explained.

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