CEART : Tijuana now has a new space for Culture

Have you visited their new installations?

CEART : Tijuana now has a new space for CultureCEART Tijuana. Images and video by Lilia Hernández
CEART Tijuana. Images and video by Lilia Hernández

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The State Center for Arts in Tijuana (CEART) is a space for the general public, offering a family environment where people of all ages can enjoy their state of the art facilities, which include a 4D movie theater, reading rooms, shows, etc.

“Among the people, promoters, coordinators and teachers, there is a compact team, we aren't that many, but I think I speak for everyone when I say we're all talented people” says Ricardo Orozco, Coordinator for the 4D theater in CEART, humbly speaking about the work the team does in CEART, while he's kindly showing us around the installations.

Orozco guided us so we could observe each of the components of this place, starting by his area, the 4D movie theater in which he offers family entertainment for free every weekend, with two movies being screened in 4D on Saturday and Sunday, all without a cost, and themed marathons with the movies being played out in the open air.

The plastic art area counts with state of the art installations as well, providing all kinds of materials for those who love this discipline, from painting to sculpting, here you can express your creativity to your hearts content.

The dance area counts with 4 different dance rooms, ready for dancers to express themselves freely, you can breathe the professionalism that has been put into this place, from the floor to the lighting, every little detail has been taken into consideration, not forgetting to mention the relaxing area with massage bath tubs, lockers and even a small gym in which you can train and keep in shape.


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