José Guadalupe Osuna Millan presents his 6th government report

The matter of security was one of the biggest achievements

José Guadalupe Osuna Millan presents his 6th government reportJosé Guadalupe Osuna Millán. Courtesy Government of the State of Baja California.
José Guadalupe Osuna Millán. Courtesy Government of the State of Baja California.

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Wednesday afternoon on October 1st, Jose Guadalupe Osuna Millan gave his last government status report as the Governor of the state of Baja California. After a brief delay due to the manifestations of the Bureaucrat Syndicate, the ceremony went underway. A few hours earlier, the Secretary of the State’s government, Francisco Antonio Garcia Burgos, delivered the report on paper to the Board of Directors of the XXI Local Legislature.

The Theater of the State was the place chosen for this sixth report, where Jose Guadalupe Osuna Millan highlighted some of the achievements he made during his time in office, like Public Safety, Economical activities and Sports.

VIDEO : Message from José Guadalupe Osuna Millán

When it comes to security, there was a decrease in violence by 17% during the six years of his time in office. Over 33,000 criminals were detained, and around 459 criminal groups were dismantled.

“We decided to go for the best international certifications in the matter, especially from Calea, the qualifying institution with the highest prestige” the governor declared, highlighting the quality of the law enforcements forces like the Preventive State Police.

Osuna Millan added that they increased the number of penitentiaries, in an effort to combat the overpopulation that was affecting penal institutions. “Today, Baja California works in peace, and it is our responsibility and that of our children, to preserve this ground we have won!”

On the subject of Education, the governor made emphasis on the creation of new spaces, like new campus for the Autonomous University of Baja California (UABC) in Mexicali and Tijuana, as well as for the Technological University of Tijuana (UTT) in Ensenada, and the opening of 12 new high schools. The quality of education did not get left behind, during these 6 years, Baja California consolidated itself in 6th place in the populations level of education, third place in the alphabetization percentages, 1st place in communication and 3rd place in math in the link test of mid-superior education.

They also created 2 new art centers in the state and they opened the Museums Kiliwas, The Cube, El De la Vid y Vino and El Trompo, to mention a few. All in all, almost 70% of the annual investment was destined for education.

Development was also visible for the population of all the states' cities. There were repairs on over 750 kilometers of roads, they constructed new bridges and off ramps. They also highlighted the strategies used to improve the border crossing to and from the United States, the clearest example is “El Chaparral – Puerta Mexico” which helped improve incoming traffic to Mexico.

Tourism was a high priority for this government, which is why they promoted the creation of the Metropolitan Convention center, also known as the Baja California Center, they modernized the Ensenada Boardwalk, the Plaza Fundadores in Los Algodones and they continued the support for the Mexicali Convention Center.

They also increased the amount of sports centers, they created new high performance centers, as well as improving those that already exist, and they also inaugurated several gymnasiums.

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