Mexicans that stand out in Washington

The story of Francisco Fimbres

Mexicans that stand out in WashingtonFrancisco Fimbres (left)  has become a great Ambassador for Tijuana  showing the true face of it's citizens. Images courtesy of Francisco Fimbres
Francisco Fimbres (left) has become a great Ambassador for Tijuana showing the true face of it's citizens. Images courtesy of Francisco Fimbres

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WASHINGTON.- Stories of mexicans who triumph in and outside of the country are worth telling, they're the perfect example of “yes we can”. One of those stories is Francisco Fimbres, who is originally from the border region, he has stood out as an exemplary mexican in the city of Washington. Today he works as a government employee in the office of Community Relations and Services for Mayor Vincent Gray.

The last name “Fimbres” has a great echo in Tijuana. With it we find a family which has made a great effort to make this region great, it is a name which supports great companies like Calimax, and even with the new generations they continue to work for the same end, and despite all the years, they have still looked for a way to help society with different social and altruistic activities.

How did Francisco Fimbres reach Washington? He achieved it with family support, academic preparation and effort, SanDiegoRed had the opportunity to hear the secret directly from him.

“I arrived to Washington, DC in 1996 after having spent 2 phenomenal years at the University of CETYS Tijuana, were I met, worked and shared experiences with great friends from all of Baja. I initially came to Washington to finish my degree at the American University of International Studies, but the opportunities to grow both, personally and professionally materialized, and I ended up staying in Washington.

However, my interest and love for Mexico, especially Tijuana and Baja, have always stayed with me. I'm interested in the fact that our state and our generous city is doing so well. Tijuana and Baja are where great people are made, good, hard working people. And of course, just like any other place in the world, Washington DC, Tijuana or even China, will always have rotten apples, a lot of challenges, but I’m faithful that the people of Tijuana will continue to evolve and will transform Tijuana in the city we all dream of living in.

Innovation, evolution and transformation of it's citizens is the key. We need to encourage civil and social activism by peaceful and diplomatic means.

But all of these values are obtained from home. I was lucky enough to have good, committed family members who always supported me, but most of all, they let me be independent and grow on my own. It wasn't easy leaving my family, or loved ones, however it was very necessary.

The qualities which have made me stand out in the United States' capital are very mexican. Being a hard worker, sincere, charismatic, educated, generous, bohemian (at the appropriate moments of course) and social. This is what I’ve been told, it is not a personal description. More than anything I feel that being authentic is best. I have realized though that even though honesty can sometimes make people uncomfortable or hurt them, if you profess it and practice it with respect and diplomacy, it is highly appreciated.

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