Man dies after jumping off Tijuana power distribution center

A hot dog vendor with history of mental problems and at least three previous suicide attempts

Man dies after jumping off Tijuana power distribution centerPhoto: Brenda Colón Navar/
Photo: Brenda Colón Navar/

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TIJUANA.- Valentine's Day turned tragic from early on in the city, after a 29 year-old man with a history of mental illness died today by jumping 45 feet from the top of a downtown Tijuana power distribution center, causing traffic chaos and power outages to parts of the city.

VIDEO: Moments before the jump

Emergency workers tried to reason with him for hours since 5:00 a.m. It is still unknown how he was able to sneak into the plant and climb unto the of the tallest transmission towers at the Zona Río CFE power distribution center (Federal Electric Commission in Spanish).

The man was identified as Gian Carlo, a hot dog street vendor that authorities said already had three suicide attempts in the last couple of years, the last one being a jump from a bridge over the canal, confirmed Tijuana Fire Department Chief Carlos Gopar Uribe.

Chief Gopar also stated that the 29 year-old asked to contact two people as part of his demands. Whether they were family members or friends is unknown, as well as what his demands were. An on duty psychologist from the fire department identified the man as being mentally ill and advised authorities to instead offer help instead of giving in to his request.

Fire crews contemplated using life nets, trampolines and other tools to save the mans life, but each time they placed themselves bellow, he would threaten to jump away from them.

No word yet on who were or if he had any family or friends.

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