Sentri lane access at San Ysidro changes

Move causes confusion among returning Americans

Sentri lane access at San Ysidro changes

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TIJUANA.- It's never been easy for tourist to cross back into San Diego after a weekend of days in Baja. Border wait times are sometimes more than an hour long and Tijuana's sign-free (for the most part) streets, roads and roundabouts can be intimidating, if not down-right confusing at times.

And if you're registered under the special Sentri program, you might be free from long wait times but have to work extra hard to access these special lanes. And Tijuana transit authorities didn't help much after they decided to, without any warning, move the access route to the Sentri lanes overnight, not even having signs ready. Just look at what they had to come up with on such short notice:

The Tijuana Police and Transit General Office changed the access point after the previous routes began to create too much traffic congestion on the Vía Rápida express way that original served as the starting point for the Sentri lane.

Here's a map, created by the El Centro district office (were the San Ysidro Port-of-Entry is located in) to highlight exactly were drivers will no have to access the Sentri lane from.

Quick explanation: Entrance to the Sentri lane will now be through avenida Padre Kino, or avenue, the same avenue that served as the first entrance to the Rready Lane in San Ysidro.

It runs parallel to the railroad tracks and you'll know you're on the right street if you see the New City condo towers to your left.

It took them five days, but the correct signage is at least now up:

The change was criticized on social media after citizens shared photos of the makeshift signs transit police had to put together on such short notice, indicated that the move was poorly though out or at least, not done correctly.

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