The Perfect Gifts For a Christmas Exchange in The Office

Here are all the perfect options for your office co-workers

The Perfect Gifts For a Christmas Exchange in The OfficeCourtesy: Internet
Courtesy: Internet

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Christmas is just around the corner and we’re almost pretty sure you are already buying all the gifts for your loved ones but… have you taken care of the gift exchange at work?

Yep, we know that sometimes this task is not that easy, less if you are in charge of your boss’s gift… but hey! not everything is lost, for there are some gifts that can’t fail you in these situations.

Here are 8 gifts you can consider for that gift exchange at the office, but first a very nice GIF that represents your work life accurately.


1.- Thermos

Let’s face it, almost every employee needs the caffeine elixir to seize the day, so if you decide to get one for them it will always be very useful, if you want to make it more personal then you can pick one with a funny look or with any favorite character.

2.- Conteiners

Is always better to have more tuppers than usual because they just get lost with no explanation. Obviously you can complete the gift with something pretty, it can be a book or a cup for coffee.

3.- A Nice Blanket for Cold Days at the Office

Sometimes they have to stay late at work, and Winter can struck really hard, so what a better way of showing them you care by giving them something to keep warm.

4.- Cushion

After being sitting so many hours at work, there must be something you can do to make it more comfortable, and that you can with the help of a cushion, you can find them in many colors and shapes.

5.- Anti-stress ball

There are always those critics moments in which you and your co-workers just lose it due to any tense circumstance, but if you happen to have one of these soft and spongy friends, you can ease the moment, so be certain that any person at work will be happy of getting one.


Yes, you may not be able to buy them “BOSE” buddies, but you can choose among other very nice and cool earphones that can actually provide any person a good listening experience.

One good option are these

7.- Premium Spotify Account Inscription

Music is the best companion for any person, you can’t fail with this.

8.- Board Games

Lunch time can be a bit boring sometimes, try giving this to one of your co-workers and she or he may take it to the office to play in the free time. You can buy some themed Monopoly, such as one of Star Wars, Zelda, or Game of Thrones.

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