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  • Haven you been to  WokTrok  in Tijuana yet?

    Haven you been to "WokTrok" in Tijuana yet?

    Por: Jorge Guevara   |   Hace 1 día

    With only one week in business it's already one the public favorites

    Trying to keep up with all the new culinary option in Baja California is not an easy task, however, when a picture with a name constantly appears among your contacts for a whole week, its impossible not to get curious; this of course is "WokTrok" in the "Cacho" neighborhood of Tijuana (officially named Juárez) , one of this end of year best surprises for foodies. So on Thursday...

  • Get ready for the 2015 Rosarito Carnival

    Get ready for the 2015 Rosarito Carnival

    Por: Fernanda Moran   |   Hace 2 días

    Three stages with different artistic options

    The Organizing Committee for the Carnaval Rosarito 2015 invites you be a part of this event, under the theme of "Mythological Heroes", scheduled to take place from February 12 to 17 on San Fernando Plaza. This celebration will have a float and classic car parade along the Benito Juárez boulevard, starting from the Rosarito Hotel and ending at the place of the event. Once there, you...

  • Last Call to vote in  The Best of Baja

    Last Call to vote in "The Best of Baja"

    Por: Fernanda Moran   |   Hace 2 días

    Voting will be closing on Sunday

    To acknowledge those who are "The Best of Baja" , SanDiegoRed.com made a series of polls on their Facebook group SanDiegoRedOpinion , and for those who had some difficulties voting, or missed some the question among comments, here is a list of all the categories with their respective link: (click in the link of each one and it will take you to the question) **Note: You have to join the...

  • Pequeño Saigon, the Pho pioneer in Tijuana

    Pequeño Saigon, the Pho pioneer in Tijuana

    Por: Elizabeth Rosales   |   Hace 2 días

    Ideal for this chilly weather

    TIJUANA. - The pleasure of eating Vietnamese cuisine started in San Diego a few years back. Because of its novelty, many in Baja California looked to cross the border and also taste all its wonderful flavors. From its increasing demand, the idea of taking the concept to Tijuana was born. There, in a little corner of La Plaza Fiesta in Zona Rio, was established the first restaurant in the...

  • Slow Burger Celebrates its First Anniversary in Tijuana

    Slow Burger Celebrates its First Anniversary in Tijuana

    Por: Fernanda Morán   |   Hace 3 días

    It was their turn to innovate and there still among the best

    Yesterday, Tijuana's famous"slow food"restaurant celebrated its first year. How, you may ask? Working hard for all they're customers and with some very pleasant surprises! As usual, they opened their doors at 1 pm, with several people already waiting in line to go in; we were welcomed with a the mythical "Slow Burger", which they told us is always the one they run out of first,...

  • Rosarito s New Years  Dinner Celebration

    Rosarito's New Years Dinner Celebration

    Por: Fernanda Moran   |   Hace 4 días

    Last days to buy tickets and save up

    Rosarito Beach Hotel invites you to say goodbye to 2014 and say hello to 2015 with a dinner inside its facilities. Ticket prices before December 21st are $89 USD for adults and $49 for children under 12 years old, this includes dinner and service. It is important to highlight that it is first come, first served. Dinner is from 6:00 to 9:00 pm, with live music from local talent,...

  • Slow Burger  Celebrates its 1st Year

    "Slow Burger" Celebrates its 1st Year

    Por: Jorge Guevara   |   Hace 4 días

    The famous Tijuana burger celebrates today

    They say cooking is an art, and for Adrian Blumgart and Manuel Cosain, the minds behind "Slow Burger", they take that concept seriously, honoring their name by taking a while to make quality burgers, making them one of Tijuana's favorite culinary scenes. Today, "Slow Burger" celebrates its 1st anniversary with no plans of closing in a near future. Named by many as the "Burger...

  • How do I vote in Best of Baja 2014?

    How do I vote in Best of Baja 2014?

    Por: Jorge Guevara   |   Hace 5 días

    We clear your doubts

    The voting for your favorites in "Best of Baja 2014" has already begun, however, some users have been having some difficulties when voting in our Facebook group. Not to worry, it's actually very simple. Just follow this steps and you're good to go. INSTRUCTIONS: Are you voting from your phone or tablet? Join our Facebook group SanDiegoRed Opinión. The question will...

  • A singular vision: art and intellect of Remedios Varo

    A singular vision: art and intellect of Remedios Varo

    Por: Jill Marie Holslin   |   Hace 5 días

    CECUT presents the work of one of Mexico's most important surrealist visionaries

    "Today I do not belong to any group. I paint what occurs to me and that is all." These reflections of Remedios Varo from an interview in 1957, just six years before her sudden and untimely death in 1963, speak to the singular vision and inner fortitude of one of Mexico's most important 20th-century artists. A member of the famed Parisian surrealist circle of Andre Breton in the...

  • Agua Mala  craft beer now available in California

    "Agua Mala" craft beer now available in California

    Por: GDRLOC   |   Hace 1 semana

    One of Baja's best breweries arrives to Southern California cities

    Ensenada, Mexico – Beers from the award winning Mexican craft brewer AguaMala are now available in the United States. Distribution begins immediately for Southern California cities with projected distribution in the San Francisco Bay Area beginning early 2015. “We are excited and ready to serve the California market” said AguaMala’s Founder and Brewmaster, Nathaniel Schmidt. “On...