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  • How to Make Chiles en Nogada

    How to Make Chiles en Nogada

    Por: Briana Ballesteros   |   Hace 1 día

    How to prepare the most famous tricolor dish

    Throughout the entire month of September, Mexico celebrates its Independence from Spain, which officially lands on September 16th. Around that time, restaurants start preparing a seasonal dish called "Chiles en Nogada", which is a stuffed chile pepper covered in a sauce made of pounded walnuts and spice. According to legend, this dish was first created in a convent in Puebla in 1821. It is...

  • Have you tried  El Local  in Plaza Fiesta?

    Have you tried "El Local" in Plaza Fiesta?

    Por: Jorge Guevara   |   Hace 5 días

    The perfect combination of good food and craft beer

    This past weekend, I visited the famous Plaza Fiesta in Tijuana to explore some of the bars there when I ran into a new place called El Local . I noticed that they sold different types of craft beer. I ordered one and chatted with Karim Gama of Benton Brewery and Manuel Chávez, one of the co-owners of El Local . El Local is like the sister company of Slow Burger , considered...

  • La Carmelita: Flavors of Home Cooking Come to Tijuana

    La Carmelita: Flavors of Home Cooking Come to Tijuana

    Por: Elizabeth Rosales   |   Hace 6 días

    Another foodtruck in the city

    TIJUANA.- When adulthood arrives and it is time to leave home, one of the things that brings us most nostalgia is mom's cooking. We miss the meals that we grew up eating and constantly look for those recipes to remind us of the aromas and flavors of home cooking. For Chef Jose Rodrigo Figuero, a graduate of the Culinary Art School, his most precious memories are of the meals that his...

  • Beer of the Week:  Xocoveza  by Cerveceria Insurgente

    Beer of the Week: "Xocoveza" by Cerveceria Insurgente

    Por: Jorge Guevara   |   Hace 1 semana

    A brew made in collaboration with Stone Brewery

    After Cerveceria Insurgente announced that it would collaborate with Stone Brewery to create a new variety , expectations increased producing an effect that had not been seen in the craft beer scene in Baja California ever before. A week after the beer landed on shelfs in San Diego, Tijuana residents that haven't had a chance to cross and try it at Stone Brewery or a store have...

  • Baja Craft Beer Dominates in South America

    Baja Craft Beer Dominates in South America

    Por: SanDiegoRed.com   |   Hace 1 semana

    Many local breweries received top prizes at the international competition

    The third annual Copa Cervezas de América 2014 , or Beer Cup of The Americas 2014, took place in Santiago de Chile, where 500 beers from around 15 countries were tasted. Baja California craft beer dominated the competition. Ruben Valenzuela, owner of BCB Tasting Room, said that at the event that took place earlier this month Cervecería Rámuri and Baja Brewing Co. were the labels that...

  • Rosarito-Puerto Nuevo Half Marathon on October 5th

    Rosarito-Puerto Nuevo Half Marathon on October 5th

    Por: Elizabeth Rosales   |   Hace 1 semana

    Here are 7 tips to help you prepare for it

    ROSARITO.-If a full marathon seems a little too intense for you, but you want to get the feel for running, then the Rosarito-Puerto Nuevo half marathon is for you. We're not saying that running is easy and we are not underestimating the difficulty of a 21k run, but there will be those that have trained and will be there to actually compete and then there are those that just want to try...

  • Ensenada Competes for  Best Tourist Destination in Mexico

    Ensenada Competes for "Best Tourist Destination in Mexico"

    Por: SanDiegoRed.com   |   Hace 1 semana

    Also may be voted as Best Gourmet Destination

    ENSENADA.-Readers of the "Food and Travel" magazine have nominated Ensenada in the category of Best Tourism Destination in Mexico, and Best Gourmet Destination, according to the Secretary of Tourism for the State of Baja, Oscar Jesus Escobedo. "This is an excellent opportunity for Baja California to build on its reputation as one of the best destinations for Mexicans, and just being on the...

  • The Best Surfing Spots in Baja California

    The Best Surfing Spots in Baja California

    Por: SanDiegoRed.com   |   Hace 1 semana

    There is something for everybody: from amateurs to pros

    BAJA CALIFORNIA is a state with so much to offer, from a growing culinary industry to an incredible wine region, a growing craft beer industy, and cultural offering unlike most places. Which is why it is not surprising that its beaches offer so much more than a day in the sun. Baja California has always been a sort of refuge for surf lovers on both sides of the border, looking for a...

  • Kamikaze: The Spiciest Taco in all of Tijuana

    Kamikaze: The Spiciest Taco in all of Tijuana

    Por: Brianna Ballesteros   |   Hace 2 semanas

    Brought to you by Tacos El Paisa

    TIJUANA. I Convinced three freinds of mine to try out the spiciest taco in all of Tijuana, which I think we have found. The Kamikaze Taco, also known as the "Taco Suicida" or Suicide Taco (that is really what they call it), contains three habanero chile peppers, salsa, carne asada , guacamole, onion, and cilantro. We ate at “Tacos El Paisa”, located in the famous taco street...

  • Artists and Gourmets in Tijuana: What s Not to Like?

    Artists and Gourmets in Tijuana: What's Not to Like?

    Por: Jill Marie Holslin   |   Hace 2 semanas

    Art Tours Celebrate Happy Marriage of Gourmet Food and Fine Arts in Downtown Tijuana

    Friday night, and the Centro was hoppin' in downtown Tijuana. A long line was forming on the sidewalk in front of Black Box, concertgoers eagerly waiting for the Chilean indie rock band Lucybell. Down the street, friends enjoying cocktails gathered at small tables at the new chic Cantina 67 by Bambi. And in spots here and there along the famed Avenida Revolución, art galleries and...