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  • Baja Artesanal s Super Bowl Event

    Baja Artesanal's Super Bowl Event

    Por: Cynjen Romero   |   Hace 14 horas

    Still don't know where to watch the Super Bowl? Baja Artesanal has a great suggestion

    This Sunday February 1st, Baja Artesanal will transmit live the XLIX Super Bowl Game at 3.30 p.m. If you still don't know where to watch it, head onto Baja Artesanal with your friends and family, and enjoy the great ambiance this place has to offer while choosing among a variety of dishes and craft beers. Baja Artesanal is located on Blvd. Agua Caliente #11999 Suite 211, in Plaza...

  • Rosarito Celebrates President s Day

    Rosarito Celebrates President's Day

    Por: Elizabeth Rosales   |   Hace 18 horas

    You're invited to spend your weekend vacation at the beach alongside contests and music

    ROSARITO.- In our previous articles we told you about the upcoming "Spring Break" the city of Rosarito will be hosting, which is an annual event that welcomes thousands of partying tourists with lots of fun at very affordable prices throughout the month of March. However, there is a closer event coming to you from February 13th to 16th , where Papas&Beer will celebrate "President's Day" ...

  • Who was David Alfaro Siqueiros?

    Who was David Alfaro Siqueiros?

    Por: Jill Marie Holslin   |   Hace 1 día

    Irene Herner, Author and Siqueiros specialist to discuss the artist at CECUT

    Thursday, January 29, CECUT is pleased to present a conference by Irene Herner, author of the book "Siqueiros: from Paradise to Utopia" (2011). Herner is an art historian and author of several books on Mexican modernism, Diego Rivera and David Alfaro Siqueiros. In her work on Siqueiros, her goal was to expand upon the typical treatment of the political side of Siqueiros, and engage...

  • Friday at CECUT: Film Premiere  Misterio y revelación

    Friday at CECUT: Film Premiere "Misterio y revelación"

    Por: Jill Marie Holslin   |   Hace 1 día

    Award-Winning Documentary about Remedios Varo by Tufic Mahklouf Akl

    Showing Friday, January 30 at 7:00 PM in the Cineteca Carlos Monsiváis at CECUT and featuring a special appearance here by director Tufic Mahklouf Akl, is the premiere of "Misterio y revelación" (Mystery and Revelation), the award-winning 2013 documentary about the life of surrealist painter Remedios Varo. An artist of singular vision and style, Remedios Varo was a member of the famous...

  • Rosarito Is Getting Ready For Spring Break 2015

    Rosarito Is Getting Ready For Spring Break 2015

    Por: Elizabeth Rosales   |   Hace 2 días

    At Papas&Beer from March 13th to April 5th

    ROSARITO.- Rosarito Beach is famous, specially in California, for hosting the best Spring Break parties for legal-age students. Every year they welcome thousands of people looking for entertainment at affordable prices, with the benefit of enjoying the sun & sea just a miles from Tijuana's border. For all of those surfer souls, Rosarito becomes the perfect place for camping, going...

  • Meet Baja’s New Foodie Ambassador: Sam the Cooking Guy

    Meet Baja’s New Foodie Ambassador: Sam the Cooking Guy

    Por: Cal Trimble   |   Hace 3 días

    The Baja Cooking Guide trying to entice people from north of the border

    For locals and Mexican nationals it is no news that Baja California is becoming an important destination for all things food and beverage. The region’s signature Baja-Med cuisine, craft beers, and wine have garnered national and international praise. The boom has spurred new-found vitality for cities that just five or six years ago were struggling through a surge in violence that had taken a...

  • We Went Back To “Antojo” In Tijuana, And It Didn t Disappoint

    We Went Back To “Antojo” In Tijuana, And It Didn't Disappoint

    Por: Cynjen Romero   |   Hace 4 días

    Come and bask in this sea of flavors, at a very affordable price

    After a few months, we're back to visit “ Antojo ”, a restaurant with a modern, yet casual, setting located on Calle Colombia, Cacho neighborhood in the city of Tijuana, where we had the opportunity of tasting Chef’s Alberto Casino cuisine. Antojo offers quality service, with waiters that are always within reach. With a modern and minimalistic design, the restaurant has a very...

  • Challenge: 120 Things To do In Tijuana

    Challenge: 120 Things To do In Tijuana

    Por: Brianna Ballesteros/Bienvenida a Tijuana   |   Hace 1 semana

    Our collaborators want to invite you to discover the city

    The Staff at SanDiegoRed would like to add that, the list was originally compiled almost 6 years ago by the Tijuana conventions bureau, COTUCO, and the Crossborder Group, so it's a little rusty and out of date. TIJUANA.- A few months ago I stumbled upon a list in Mexico Desconocido's magazine , written by Jimena Acevedo. As a new year's resolution and as part of the blog, I intend to...

  • Tijuana s Bars And Restaurants: Birthday Edition

    Tijuana's Bars And Restaurants: Birthday Edition

    Por: Elizabeth Rosales   |   Hace 1 semana

    Happy Birthday!

    TIJUANA.- The day has come (or is about to) when your loved ones are more than happy to remind you how much you mean to them. You've created some very good memories, and you still have more that will come along the way. No, were aren't talking about New Year's, we're talking about your birthday. That day when we were little kids we dreamed about, with cake and presents and all those fun...

  • The Dance of Reality

    The Dance of Reality

    Por: Jill Marie Holslin   |   Hace 1 semana

    Alejandro Jodorowsky's new film now showing at CECUT

    Now showing this week and next at CECUT, "The Dance of Reality" (2013) Alejandro Jodorowsky's first film in 23 years. Best known for his psychedelic 1970s cult movies "El Topo" and "The Magic Mountain," Jodorowsky's new film is alternately more carnivalesque and playful and more deeply personal than his earlier films. ...