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  • Rosarito Ocean Sports: Tour the Best Kept Secret in the City

    Rosarito Ocean Sports: Tour the Best Kept Secret in the City

    Por: Elizabeth Rosales   |   Hace 11 horas

    Just another reason to visit Rosarito Beach

    BAJA CALIFORNIA.- Rosarito is internationally known for its beaches and beach related activities, so much so that it has been a popular Spring Break destination for students for many years. But the business owners of Rosarito Ocean Sports have identified other areas of opportunity for the city, and primarily seek to develop health related activities that are also fun and unusual. The...

  • Beer of the Week:  Penélope  Coffee Porter by Cervecería Fauna

    Beer of the Week: "Penélope" Coffee Porter by Cervecería Fauna

    Por: Jorge Guevara   |   Hace 1 día

    A Beer out of Mexicali that is perfect for Autumn

    Times are changing and not just because there is more variety and quality of craft beer in Baja California, but literally because times are changing and it is now Autumn. Autumn: the time where beer needs to have more body, more sweetness, and spices like chocolate and coffee are welcomed additions. Everyt ime I've tried any beer by Fauna , I have been pleasantly surprised and this is...

  • Camel Rides in Rosarito Beach

    Camel Rides in Rosarito Beach

    Por: Jorge Guevara   |   Hace 1 día

    This may be one of the highlights of your trip

    ROSARITO.- Rosarito has always been a main tourist destination in Baja California, attracting thousands of visitors from all over the country and world to enjoy its beautiful beaches and night life. Now, there is one more thing that you can look forward to and it is not precisely what you might expect: Camels. No, not the cigarette brand, but rather real life camels. Guided tours of...

  • The 70s: Tijuana s first art boom celebrated at CECUT

    The 70s: Tijuana's first art boom celebrated at CECUT

    Por: Jill Marie Holslin   |   Hace 1 día

    Art exhibit on view for one more week at El Cubo in CECUT

    Tijuana's art scene is very young. There's no venerable tradition of art history here that explains what is happening now in terms of what came before. And, as art critic Lucía Sanromán explains, too often, this means that Tijuana art and artists are studied in relation to the mythologies of the city, Tijuana's rapidly expanding urban footprint, or border dynamics. This is what makes...

  • La Catalana: A New Spot in a Transformed Plaza Fiesta

    La Catalana: A New Spot in a Transformed Plaza Fiesta

    Por: Elizabeth Rosales   |   Hace 3 días

    Plaza Fiesta is not the same as it used to be

    TIJUANA.-Plaza Fiesta: that dangerous plaza that we all remember from years ago is now just a memory. The annoying corrido music has now been switched to rock and pop music, at a volume that allows you to actually engage in conversation with your friends. This transformation came about as a result of an innovative group of young entrepreneurs that decided to slowly transform this space...

  • We Tried Out Antojo This Week

    We Tried Out Antojo This Week

    Por: Jorge Guevara   |   Hace 3 días

    A great surprise in Tijuana's Colonia Cacho

    Last week, we ate at El Local and as soon as we published our review, Chef Alberto Cansino contacted me to tell me about what he has been up to lately. It turns out that Chef Cansino is now in charge of Antojo , which translates to "craving", a small restaurant/bar located in Colonia Cacho in Tijuana. At first glance, Antojo looks like an expensive place, but when I saw the...

  • Beer of the Week:  Aura  by Ludica Artesanal

    Beer of the Week: "Aura" by Ludica Artesanal

    Por: Elizabeth Rosales   |   Hace 6 días

    With an aura so big it is conquering all types of palates

    TIJUANA.- Ludica Artesanal is a craft brewery that has been making headlines over the past few months, not just in Baja California, but also around the world as one of the most innovativive craft brews. All it takes is one glance of their social media presence to realize that Ludica really likes to experiment with its ingredients: yeast, and exotic hops give this beer a particular...

  • The Baja Wine Club invites you to sample great Baja Wines in San Diego

    The Baja Wine Club invites you to sample great Baja Wines in San Diego

    Por: Brenda Colón Navar   |   Hace 1 semana

    There's a tasting on Thursday at Romesco's in Bonita

    SAN DIEGO.- On Thursday, September 25th, you'll get a chance to taste some of the best wines from south of the border at Romesco's Mexiterranean Bistro by the Baja Wine Club, which is organizing the event at a cost of $15 the ticket if you reserve beforehand, or $20 on the day of the event. Valle de Guadalupe in Baja has been referred to as the “Napa Valley” of Mexico, and has been...

  • How to Make Chiles en Nogada

    How to Make Chiles en Nogada

    Por: Briana Ballesteros   |   Hace 1 semana

    How to prepare the most famous tricolor dish

    Throughout the entire month of September, Mexico celebrates its Independence from Spain, which officially lands on September 16th. Around that time, restaurants start preparing a seasonal dish called "Chiles en Nogada", which is a stuffed chile pepper covered in a sauce made of pounded walnuts and spice. According to legend, this dish was first created in a convent in Puebla in 1821. It is...

  • Have you tried  El Local  in Plaza Fiesta?

    Have you tried "El Local" in Plaza Fiesta?

    Por: Jorge Guevara   |   Hace 1 semana

    The perfect combination of good food and craft beer

    This past weekend, I visited the famous Plaza Fiesta in Tijuana to explore some of the bars there when I ran into a new place called El Local . I noticed that they sold different types of craft beer. I ordered one and chatted with Karim Gama of Benton Brewery and Manuel Chávez, one of the co-owners of El Local . El Local is like the sister company of Slow Burger , considered...