VIDEO: Tacos El Mazateño : You have to try them!

Delicious tacos made of shrimp, marlin and others

por Alexandra
28 de Septiembre 2012


In this second part of Baja California Dreaming, El Mazateño is quick to fix Bill with a trail of its specialties: Taco de Marlin, Perrón Especial and Taco de Camarón Enchilado along with a courtesy consomé every guest of El Mazateño gets. Bill introduces the viewer to these delicious tacos and teaches us how to properly dress them once they get to you, which is almost immediately after you order them.

El Mazateño also has a Barra Fría (cold bar) where they prepare cocktails, ceviche and tostadas. Our hosts tries a Sinaloa-style Tostada Especial, followed by a Taco de Pulpo Enchilado … Bill can’t get enough!He even manages to get a scoop that is sure to delight California foodies.

Map and Directions here.

Video by Micaela Arroyo.