VIDEO: North Korea’s dream of destroying the U.S.

Controversial propaganda

por Brenda Colón
5 de Febrero 2013


Early this morning media sources from all over the world released a video that was circulating in North Korean television channels, where a man dreams of the destruction of the United States.

The video is shown to the tune of the song “We are the World”, where you can see scenes like the city of Manhattan on fire, and scenes from the video game “Modern Warfare 3.”

Recently, North Korea launched a rocket for a test run, which some say that may be used against the United States, who North Korea considers as an enemy.

In some parts of the subtitles it reads: “Somewhere in the United States there are some black clouds, and it looks like the nest of evil is burning down in flames, burning in a fire they lit.”At the end of the video, there is a final quote that suggests that this will become a reality.