VIDEO: El Grill : Only the best for the best

A great spot to celebrate with family and friends

por Brenda Colón
25 de Junio 2014


Owner Hector Kabande opened El Grill steakhouse and raw bar in September 2011. He was born into a family of hoteliers, and spent his life growing up in the hospitality industry. His father opened the first Lucerna Hotel in Mexicali.

Hector opened El Grill, keeping in mind that he wanted to open a high end steakhouse, unlike anywhere else in the city. His inspiration stems from the various steakhouses that he has visited throughout New York, Chicago, and even in the city of Los Angeles. As soon as you enter the restaurant, you are greeted with the sound of Frank Sinatra’s soothing voice in the background. The dark wood tones, and warm lighting create a very comforting ambiance.

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