Acapulco Is Mexico's Most Dangerous City

And the third most violent world wide

MEXICO.- One of Mexico's most popular tourist destinations is Acapulco. We've all seen the country's government spots promoting its beaches, even celebrities such as Luis Miguel have starred in campaigns to favor the city. However, the increasing wave of violence in the state of Guerrero has turned Acapulco in Mexico's most dangerous city, and if that weren't enough it is also the third most violent world wide.

Violent murders and endless mass grave with body that are hard to identify have been Acapulco's residents' daily bread. On average, it is estimated that everyday at least to new attacks take places, adding up to the increasing amount of 483 murders that have already happened throughout the year.

Comparing this figure with last year's registry, the percentage of first degree murders has gone up 42%. In spite of of this, Acapulco was already the world's third most violent city, if this situation continues it could make it to the top of the list.

According to the Citizen Council for Public Safety and Penal Justice, the only cities that exceed Acapulco on this percentage are San Pedro Sula in Honduras and Caracas, Venezuela.

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