Tijuana's Kokopelli Closes its Doors in Chicago

The renowned TJ taco shop left a weird voicemail to its clients.

Our region's cuisine has grown in ways never imagined, even to faraway places and one example is Kokopelli, famous for their tacos.

They started as a food truck, but popularity and success helped them open up new restaurants in Tijuana. After some time, they decided to take their famous menu to Chicago. Located in 1324 N Milwaukee Avenue, the restaurant had a little bit over a year, opening on Halloween 2014 but has had to shut down despite its reputation as one of the best taco shops in Tijuana.

Venturing into a market in a new place is always risky, especially abroad, but the message someone left on Kokopelli's phone number was pretty strange, which apparently gave reason as to why they were closing down.

"Hey, this is Kokopelli and we don't know how to pay our bills or take care of our customers so we suck ass and had to close down. If you leave a voicemail we won't return it anyway. Have a good day!", said the voicemail message.

A Kokopelli representative, Alfredo Camarena, didn't go into details as to the closing of the restaurant but did say "Kokopelli is no more."

Still, the franchise maintains its spot as one of Tijuana's favorite places to dine.

Via Chicago Eater

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Translated by: edgar.martinez@sandiegored.com


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