4 San Diego Events You Can't Miss Happening This Weekend

Don't let the rain stop you… that is, unless your life's in danger.

TIJUANA/SAN DIEGO. - The year is barely starting and there aren't a lot of things to do. There's a lot of promising concerts cooking up down in Tijuana which will be featured here eventually but for now, we have for you 4 things to do in San Diego. If you're the adventure type who's not afraid of a little rain, strong winds, the peso-dollar exchange rate and/or the border crossing.

Muse in concert

It's today, but fear not, if you have the time and the money to spend, then you can still go. Maybe you remember that Muse was scheduled to play last year, so a lot of people who had purchased tickets and can't make it this time around, are reselling theirs at face value. It's Muse so it's worth going right? Also, Phantogram is the opening act.

    When? Thursday, January 7 Where? Valley View Casino Center Time: 7 PM Price: Depends on the reseller (and if you can any on the link below) More info: Facebook

Doña Pancha Fest 2016

Doña Pancha Fest is back with its second edition in San Diego, with indie music talent like Soledad, Silent, Disappearing, Les Temps Barbares and Fax. Maybe you don't know them, but hey! This festival is a great opportunity to listen to bands that you'll probably never hear on the radio airwaves.

    When? Friday, January 8 Where? the Hideout Time: 8 PM Price: $5 dollars More info: Facebook

Tool with Primus in concert

Well for this one you needed to had purchased your tickets the same day they went on sale, because they sold out in a matter of seconds. If you were one of the lucky ones or managed to buy one from a scalper, then congratulations! You'll probably be the envy of many. So be happy for that, it's Tool with Primus!

    When? Saturday, January 9 Where? Viejas Arena Time: 7:30 PM Price: Sold Out More info: Facebook

NO PANTS TrolleyRide San Diego

The time to take off your pants has come! A group of perfect strangers, but organized on Facebook, will meet at the Old Town Trolley Station at 11 am to get onboard the trolley in their underwear… It's an annual event that started as a joke on the Internet and that's currently being done on multiple cities around the world just for the fun of it.

The "joke" consists on walking pantless down the streets as if it were normal. When people ask why you aren't wearing any pants or if you're travelling with the rest of the pantless group, you must act as if you didn't know why their surprised of your pantless outfit. Take into account the current weather conditions so we recommend you bring an umbrella and a backpack with warm clothes. Once the tour ends, you'll be free to put on whatever you want…or not.

If you have any questions on riding the trolley around San Diego in a pantless fashion, just remember that it rained last year too and that didn't stop them from going pantless.

    When? Sunday, January 10 Where? Old Town Trolley Station Time: 11 AM Price: Just your trolley fare More info: Facebook

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Translated by: edgar.martinez@sandiegored.com



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