Tijuana is Part of Fear The Walking Dead's Snapchat Filter

Snapchat's going "all walkers" on you

We already know that Tijuana is one of the main locations of Fear The Walking Dead. Besides filming in places as La Casa de la Cultura and Bulevar 2000, they also did it at Avenida Revolucion a couple of months ago, where Frank Dillane (Nick) could be seen in action.

FTWD comes back with the second part of season 2 this Sunday August 21, and to celebrate, the series team has given us mortals a really nice surprise, specifically for those snapchat filter addicts.

If you got your cellphone with you right now (as we're sure you do), check out the new filter, which has a sign with the name of the beautiful city of Tijuana in Bulevar 2000, just open your mouth in front of the camera and lots of hands will attack you till you become a walker.

Now you know, get ready because these creatures come back tomorrow at 8:00 pm in Mexico through AMC Latinoamerica channel, and if you're not a fan of FTWD, then you should give it a try only to see Tijuana being attacked by walkers.

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Translated by: cristina.mora@sandiegored.com



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