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Beer Of The Week: Mala Vida From Fauna

A gold winner in the Professional Beer Competition of Mexico

This beer from Mexicali occupies a place in one of the most popular lists of RateBeer, and this week, after a very long day, I found a bottle in Bar 1994's fridge, which resembled my mood that night, this beer is called Mala Vida (Bad life), and is a refreshing Belgian Pale Ale that gets you tipsy kind of fast.

Where do you find it? You can go to Bar 1994, Public House, and La Tasquita, but if you want to assure you'll be able to taste it, go to their tasting room in La Plaza.

How does it taste? Light, creamy and carbonated, with a sweet and fruity aroma, and a touch of clove and cereals. Even though it's a light beer, Mala Vida will make you drink more because besides being refreshing, it leaves you with dryness in your mouth.

Proof of alcohol: 6.0 %

What's so special about it? Last year Mala Vida won Gold in the Belgian beer category at the Professional Beer Competition of Mexico. Added to that, this beer just goes PERFECTLY well with wings.

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