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IV Latin American "Food Design" Encounter Comes to Ensenada

Ensenada is ready to start, are you?

"Food design is tied both to industrial production and classic design (packaging, shape, colour of the food), as well as to a cultural and visual element… It's important not to confuse it with gastronomy and the art of garnishing dishes!"

- Gionattan Lassandro (President of FOODA)-

The event is completely dedicated to "food design", and this year, Ensenada is the chosen place to host such an important event in the culinary arts world; fact that puts the city in a privileged position, nationally and internationally.

The activities will start Oct. 19 with 22 lectures, six workshops and two demonstrative kitchens, as well as visual projections related to the main subject: FOOD.

At first, Puebla was going to be the host of this amazing event, but then Ensenada "came in like a wrecking ball" and smashed all Puebla's chance thanks to its qualities and delicious products, such as wine and very sophisticated craft beer.

Event organizers in a press conference at the Art Culinary School.

"We saw it as a challenge, which we've been looking for," said Pedro Reising, President of the Latin American Network of Food Design. This event has also taken place at Colombia, Venezuela, and Brazil.

There's already 800 attendees confirmed for lectures, which will be completely FREE, the waiting list is of 120 people.

If you want to enjoy the best Ensenada cuisine, the event called "Cena para todos" (Dinner for everyone) is just the right option, but it will have an additional cost. If you want more detailed information, click here

Subjects addressed in the lectures will be innovative and focused on local cuisine, half of the exhibitors are foreigners, and the other ones specialists in local flavors.

The event will last four days and most of the lectures will take place at Riviera Cultural Center (CCR) in Downtown Ensenada.

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