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Insurgente Brewery Brings Back Santa's Red With A "Keep the Glass" Event

The brewery is promoting its traditional holiday beer

If you happen to be a beer glass collector, then you can't miss the opportunity of getting one this Thursday Dec. 1, when Insurgente Tap Room will celebrate Christmas season by offering their "Santa's Red" beer, as well as giving you the chance of keeping the official glass of this delicious beverage.

Santa's Red has an alcohol proof of 9.3% and it fits perfectly with Winter. Thin head, soft body, and you can feel the flavors grow during the whole experience, aromatics are memorable and the malts definitely make you taste "an evening inside a cabin with a chimney while snow is covering the world outside." Unmissable. Serve it on Sniffer or Tulip.

As all the events organized by Insurgente Brewery, is highly recommended to be early, because glasses are not forever and you don't want to face disappointment, right? The only thing you need to do is buy a Santa's Red beer and pay $3.00 dlls extra to get your special cup.

The event will be held Thursday Dec. 01 at Insurgente Tap Room in Plaza Fiesta, starting at 6:00 pm.


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