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Classic Tijuana Restaurant Comes Back to Life Through New Bol Corona Menu

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TIJUANA.- Bol Corona is the place in Tijuana to eat burritos; however, this place was formerly known as Club Corona many years ago, and they used to serve all kind of traditional mexican dishes, until the burrito era came, and the restaurant started to focus on that, even changing its name to "Bol" Corona, after the bowling alley the business bought.

But now, Bol Corona has a new menu for you to enjoy the famous "border city" food style it was once famous for decades ago, and to be honest, we were surprisingly satisfied with the results.

Don Polo Burger

Kraken Burger


It's no secret that the culinary world in Tijuana is pretty rich and it has been evolving every year, and Bol Corona is a great example of this, because they have adapted their menu with a new concept to compete with other big restaurants of the region with delicious results that will definitely lift your spirits.

According to Leopoldo Borquez, the original founder's grandson, it's very interesting to see this "renovation", because the original concept was the same for the chain's first 30 years since 1934, until burritos conquered the franchise. And it's a new generation of Chefs that is coming from the Culinary Art School in Tijuana and other schools of the region to help the restaurant get back to its roots as a place for high-end dining.

Nachos Club Corona

Krispy Chicken Burger

You can enjoy a lot of variety at the new Bol Corona, from awesome appetizers such as Club Corona Nachos [/b](with Machaca) to gourmet dishes like the Don Polo burger (Brisket meat, rib, and sirloin in brioche bread), as well as exquisite desserts.

Salmon tostadas

Creme Brulee with churros

They also included tuna and salmon tostadas with a baja-med style that goes hand in hand with the extensive mixology of the house. Included in the menu you can find different craft beers from the region, such as Insurgente, Border Psycho and Cerveza Tijuana, which are perfect to enjoy sports events that are transmitted completely live. The remodeling of the facilities in Otay was not only aesthetic, but also was reflected in the food, making Bol Corona a new option to go eat something different with affordable prices.

Krispy Chicken

Otay Bol Corona is located in the Distrito Gastronómico de Otay, 22000 Tijuana, Mexico, and opens everyday from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm. For more information go to their official Facebook page.

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