Tijuana to Have High Temperatures This Week (Again)

Spring hasn't even arrived yet...

It seems like summer is ahead of spring in our region because this week we will have higher temperatures than previous days.

While last week we had a regular enjoyable weather, for these next days an increase in temperatures is expected, so it will surely annoy those who prefer cold days.

According to forecasts by the National Weather Service, the temperatures for this week will surpass the 75.2 Fahrenheit degress that accompanied us during the last week. Tuesday March 14, will be the warmest day of the week with 82.4 degrees (which will surely feel like 86 degrees), followed by Friday March 17 with 78.8 degrees.

[p]But apparently the heat will only last until Saturday March 18, as it can be seen in the graphic. On Sunday we will return to a cooler temperature, 21 degrees will be the maximum. Other forecasts also show temperatures below 20 degrees for next week.

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