President of the Spanish League Interested in Streaming Soccer Games on Netflix

His aim is to change the concept of traditional television

In an interview in the city of Miami to the president of the Spanish League, Javier Tebas, he spoke of his interest in the new technologies of transmission of soccer matches, mentioning as an alternative that the games are streamed on Netflix.

"I am convinced that the League will soon reach Netflix. It will not take long. We have to change the concept of traditional television. What the millenial wants is not to be hooked to a TV channel for a long time, but freedom, and Netlix and HBO gives that and soccer. "

He also talked about the transmission of soccer in airplanes, emphasizing that it is a good market, since there are people who travel every day, and if there are high-speed Wi-Fi networks in the airplanes, why not broadcast the games?.

Finally, he confirmed the retransmission of games through Facebook Live.

"Facebook Live is a promotional channel, we want to find a balance between what is paid and what is free. Digital channels have to be a promotional item for your product."

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