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Here's Some of the Best Tacos in Tijuana, No Lie

From asada, adobada, and birria, to korean style

It was 2007 when humanity had the luck of starting to celebrate "Taco Day" in Mexico, which is celebrated every March 31, although we haven't really celebrated as we should've. So this year we decided to make a short compilation of some of the best tacos in Tijuana, regarded as having some of the best of these culinary delights in all of Mexico.

Taco places and stands in the city are countless, but still we give you a small list of some of the most tasty around town.

1.- "El Chombe" Tacos


This place only sells asada tacos, but their preparation is very unusual, why? because instead of using avocado, mayonnaise takes its place.

Yes, you can enjoy a delicious traditional taco: meat, beans, cilantro, onion and sauce, but mayo instead of avocado. You may think this is a weird move because the avocado is seen as the soul of the taco, but believe us when we tell you that this dressing works very well too.

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2.- Arabian Tacos "Tabe"


In case you haven't heard, Tijuana has a designated place for Arabian tacos and is called "Tabe."The first impression on these tacos can result a bit boring, but once you've given your first bite there's no going back, you'll have enjoyed something different and savory. Give "Tabe" a chance and expect a true arabian taco.

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3.- Korean tacos "KoMe"


KoMe Korean BBQ Taqueria is here to introduce you to a new form of tacos. Served as a traditional Mexican taco, the different Korean salted stews offered by KoMe are an option no taco lover should miss.

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4.- Calle Primera Street Tacos


Among traditional tacos, this shop is one of the best in the city if you want to enjoy a greasy and satisfying adobada o asada taco. You can find this great flavor on 1st Street, Calle Primera, so if you happen to be partying near the area (Downtown), then maybe you should check them out.

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5.- Good and Juicy Birria Tacos "El Sabroso"

Tijuana has a lot of good places where to eat birria, but at this place you'll find that the meat and sauces are delicious, plus, tortillas are always perfectly crunchy.

For more information click here, and is the last one of the list.

If you have another taco place you love, please feel free to tell us all about it.

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