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Behold the "BurroLoko", the Burrito Covered in BACON You Can Find in Tijuana

Is it a bit too much? Maybe, but it's still delicious

If you spend your days imagining a life where bacon is the only food available and never stop thinking about that crunchiness, then prepare yourself to be blown away by this creation, which you can only find in Tijuana: The BurroLoko.

Photo: Ángel García/

Inside this burrito you'll find carne asada meat, tomato, avocado and melted cheese, which you can accompany with your favorite sauce, and if that doesn't sound tasty enough, then BEHOLD, for this burrito has a crunchy and delicious "blanket" of bacon around it.

El Burro Loko Grill is the place to find this beauty, a creation ready to be eaten by people who don't care about the calories they consume.

This burrito is the perfect excuse to try something new and get to know a bit more about the culinary world of Baja California, which, besides having really nice food options at places like Valle de Guadalupe, it also has a great variety of street/local food you just can't miss.

Photo: Ángel García/

It only takes a look to the "Burroloko" to be astonished, for the strips of bacon start playing tricks on your mind until you just can't take it anymore.

It may seem a bit too much food, but it actually has a normal size, so it can be shared only if you want to control yourself (which is doubtful).

Photo: Ángel García/

El Burro Loko Grill is located on 6th street, Blvd. Sanchez Taboada behind the Zona Rio Costco store.

The price of this burrito is $110.00 pesos (or $6.00 dlls), a bit high, but worth it.

So, do you dare try it?


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