Heat in Tijuana is Here To Stay

It's Summer time!

If you were wondering how much time will it take for Summer to fully kick-in, then you certainly were reminded this last week with so many hot days.

And apparently, the heat is coming back to us during the week in Tijuana, this accordingly to the National Weather Service, which indicated that the temperatures will be high but definitely not extreme, between 75 °F and 82 °F


On the other hand, the meteored.com site indicates the heat will be stronger, with temperatures from 78°F to 86°F degrees. Either way, the heat is here and we hope it goes away for some days again before the really strong hot days begin.

Remember to take your precautions if you walk too long on the street, use sunscreen and stay hydrated at all times. Get ready for Summer and prepare your fresh outfits.

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Translated by: cristina.mora@sandiegored.com


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