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This Place in Tijuana Will Give "Beer Yoga" Lessons (Beer Included)

Will it be craft beer? If so, what a perfect way to exercise!

There is a place in Tijuana that will soon offer "Beer Yoga" classes, the fusion of Yoga meditation with delicious sips of the drink of the Gods: Beer.

Beer Yoga or Yoga Brewer is the practice of Yoga combined with the delight of a good and cold beer, where different postures and breaths are coordinated with the drinks to your beer and thus achieve a rich level of relaxation, as read in their advertising.


In Studio 664, the gallery and shop of local products that now enters this modality of classes. Studio 664 is located in Río Nazas 2613 Col. Revolución.


Yoga classes will start on Monday, July 3, but it will be until Wednesday, July 5 when Yoga Brewer classes begin, you can order a free class through an inbox to the Facebook page of Studio 664.


The monthly price is $42.00 and includes a beer to be able to perform the Beer Yoga class. The classes will be taught by teacher Giobela Velasco.

What are you waiting for? Exercise and have sips of delicious beer in the same place and start with more physical activity in your life

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