Bigmoon Drive-in Theater to Screen Movies This Sunday for Free

Go to the video test and find out what this new place has for you

TIJUANA .- Bigmoon is a drive-in theather that has been announcing its opening since last year, and at last, good news have come, because they will open very soon and have a big surprise for you.

Those in charge of this great project revealed that this Sunday, July 23 will be the last video test, so they expect the opening between Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. However, the general public is invited to enjoy the Sunday video test at no cost.

At the moment it is not known which film will be screened, but since it is a test, anyone can go without having to pay.

If you want to be part of this you must go early because there is limited space, the area has room for only 55 vehicles and 60 people in lounges. The schedule is not defined yet, although it is estimated to be around 7:45 p.m.


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