Another PAN Politician Begins His Journey Towards Next Year's Presidential Election in Mexico

Luis Ernesto Derbez shows his presidential aspirations for 2018

Luis Ernesto Derbez visited Tijuana as a part of the national tour to announce his presidential aspirations for 2018, to complete a process to enter the PAN ranks and to share his political proposals.

The former Foreign Affairs Secretary, former Secretary of Economy and current dean of Puebla’s University of the Americas said that all those who have made public their intentions, have something in common: “they say what they want to be, but they do not explain what exactly they want to do in case they make it, how they are going to make it, what is the way to reach the goal and where the resources will come from.” However, the former official pointed out that the options in the PAN are growing because their project is viable and supported by many sectors.

In a private event, Derbez indicated that democracy must be a structure in which minority rights are protected, not to impose the will of the majority and for that there must be a balance of powers.

Among his plans for the country, is to create and develop a true legislative branch and an independent judiciary branch, so that the law prevails and not the influenced decisions.

He explained that Mexico needs to put the presidential system aside, to respect the independence and balance of powers. In such way that the Executive branch does not select Magistrates and Judges to the Judicial Branch, for example.

“Mexico needs a real and sovereign separation of powers, where the law prevails over interests of power and groups.”

The former official considered that the greatest risk for our country is that a person manages to win the presidency while considering authoritarianism as the game changer for our country.

He pointed out that the risk of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador winning the presidency is the fact that he thinks of 20th century policies… “It may happen that Lopez Obrador could delay the development of modern industries in Mexico – just as Trump is doing in the United States -”.

Regarding the enormous inequality that prevails in the country, he emphasized: “Only 2% of the population that works in Mexico has a salary higher than 25,000 pesos per month; we live in the middle-income trap. For equality of opportunity we need to stimulate the economy with industrial policy sectors such as aerospace.”

In this sense, he pointed out that one of the biggest problems in Mexico is the waste of public spending on social programs. “14% of GDP, equivalent to 2.8 trillion pesos, is invested in social programs, but today, as 30 years ago, the percentage of the Mexican population in poverty remains at 50%; the problem of poverty has not been solved because these programs are focused on mitigating it, not on solving it,” he said.

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