Beer and Video Games at This Tijuana Bar

The name is Abary Game Bar!

Photo by: Instagram @Otosoel

If you love to go every weekend to places such as "Plaza Fiesta" in Tijuana to have a great time with your friends, you should know that a new bar option is available for videogame and beer lovers.

Abary Game Bar was previously located at Downtown Tijuana between 8th street and Madero Street, and now it has a new location in Plaza Fiesta. The opening was held Friday, Sept. 15.

Cruz González Escalante
Cruz González Escalante

High scores from 8:00 pm to 12:00 pm (except Street fighter and KOF 2002) will receive an Abary combo card that can be exchanged for 3 beers on September 23 and 24. But don't worry, because many other promotions will also be available.

The official opening hours have not yet been revealed, however, there 's a big chance they will be known by today, Sept. 18.

Abary Game Bar
has to two screen enabled consoles (PS4 and Wii U) as well as music and some screening of concerts and films from the 80s and 90s.

Here is a photo taken from the outside so you can detect it more easily:

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Translated by:cristina.mora@sandiegored.com


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