Citizens place Francisco Vega as one of the three worst governors in the country

According to the national survey of citizens perception

The National Survey of Citizens Perception made by the Strategic Communication Cabinet places Francisco Vega as one of the three worst governors in the country, only behind the governors of Tabasco and Morelos, with a rating of 4.1.

The perception of more than half (52.9%) of Baja California’s citizens is that the state is stagnant, since 8 out of 10 citizens (79.9%) believe that “things are getting out of control.”

Certainly, the Strategic Communication Cabinet Survey confirms the daily reality of Baja California, where, based on the opinion of citizens, the three main problems that the state faces are insecurity and crime in the first place (46%), followed by corruption (32 %) and poor governance with (17%).

Overall, 53% of Baja California’s citizens feel that their state is stagnant and 28% feel that their state is receding.

It is evident that there is great discontent within the population of Baja California. 28% of the populations says that they feel unsatisfied, little more than 22% say that they are neither satisfied nor dissatisfied, and little more than 15% show a deep dissatisfaction; a state of being that should alert the parties and lead them to propose solutions.... Continue reading article here

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