New Details Revealed About "Cerro Colorado" Recreational Park Project in Tijuana

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TIJUANA.- A few weeks ago, a proposal called Cerro Colorado Integral Project was announced, with the aim of offering a new place for Tijuanenses to carry out both physical and cultural activities and in response to a lack of public recreational areas in general in the city.

The representative of the project, Luis Duarte Mora, talked to the local Frontera newspaper and gave a bit of new information about this project.

What we know:

- It's meant to be a recreational space for physical and cultural activities (sports, events, etc.)
- Cerro Colorado has two owners, something the municipal government will have to work out.
- A cable car circuit, vehicular access, a bridge that functions as a lookout and a commercial and service area, are some of the elements that this new space will have.

What's new:

-It has the full support of the City of Tijuana.
-The 790 acres will serve as land for various activities, including cable car transportation and even fun zip lines.
-The plan has been presented to various groups and civic organizations.
-Cerro Colorado is a private ejido (a somewhat communal land in Mexico) property, but the aim is to turn it into city property.
-The Tijuana Metropolitan Area Society of Urbanism is creating a management plan to know how to execute the idea focusing on the environmental aspect.
-A contest will be held in 2018 to choose the final design of the project.
-The financing of the project will be by stages, national and international funds will be sought.

Duarte Mora said about the comments to be working to make the Cerro Colorado a property of the city: "We are not getting into the houses that are around, which are rising."

Here is a video they shared a few weeks ago about the project:

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Translated by:cristina.mora@sandiegored.com


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