Don't Forget to Vote in Best of Baja 2017!

Here are the categories:

Every year, San Diego Red recognizes the Best of Baja by organizing all your favorite places and events in different categories, so you can vote for your favorite ones, whether through polls in each article that comes out, or through a special Facebook group.

Baja California is such an enyojable place, and we know you love it as much as we do; however, we recognize that giving you the same categories every year can be a bit tedious, so we decided to incorporate new ones.

Here are the categories for this year's Best of Baja:

*Most Impactful Border Event

*Best Breakfast Place

*Best Coffee Shop

*Best Veggie Place

*Best Food Park

*Best Restaurant

*Best Modern Taco

*Best Tap Room

*Best Winery



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