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The World Famous Ford Ecosport Finally Gets to the U.S. and Is at Penske Ford Chula Vista This February

Penske Ford Chula Vista gets its first Ecosports next month.

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It has been a favorite around the world for more than a decade, but the Ford Ecosport is only just gracing U.S. shores next month, after almost two years of announcing it will get here.

You'll be able to find this crossover SUV in local Ford dealerships, like Penske Ford Chula Vista. There are differences between the ones you might have seen south of the borders and these new ones ment for the American market. Plus, the 2018 Ford Ecosport models have a revamped look in general.

2018 Ecosport

The 2018 American model has a horizontally opening trunk door, instead of the more normal vertical one. It doesn't have the spare tire attached to the back either, which common in the rest of the world but not in America. As well as the latest in entertainment tech and navigational systems.

The 2018 EcoSport combines the style of the Ford Fiesta hatchback with the height and weight of the Ford Escape. Under the hood, there's a turbocharged and direct-injected 1.0L Ecoboost three-cylinder with a front-wheel drive powertrain, or the option for a 2.0L with a Ford Intelligent 4WD, like in the Escape.

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Interested? Contact sales representative Adolfo Labastida at Penske Ford Chula Vista. The Ecosport is perfect for both urban use and subtle adventuring whenever you need it, as well as fuel efficient of course.

You can also reach him at Facebook, calling 01 52 664-628-4150 or email,


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