Single? Go to This Bar of Tijuana on Valentine's Day and Get Free Pizza!

What's better than pizza?

TIJUANA.- Yeah, the day many people hate is just around the corner: Valentine' s Day, and many are just waiting to stay home and psycho watch Netflix till dawn, are you one of them?

No matter how this day is also meant for really good friends, many of us still fall into the fake "depression" of this festivity. But those days are gone, why? because Tijuana has a shelter for your broken heart and it contains PIZZA.

What better way to survive and be happy than with pizza and something to drink?

This is why Fresco, a bar located in Plaza Fiesta is willing to give free pizza to those who are single and brokenhearted.

This Wednesday Feb. 14, Fresco will be waiting for you to spend some time with them, eat pizza and have fun! Gather your squad and enjoy the night! More surprises are to come during the week. Doors open at 8:00 pm.



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