Corn on the Cob Covered in Snack's Dust Is the New Thing in Tijuana

Taste the dream...

TIJUANA.- This border city is the perfect place to eat all kinds of marvelous combinations of flavor, which many times turns something as classic as pizza, into something way out of your mind, such as pizza with adobada, or asada. A food bomb you can say "no" to because is greasy and tasty enough to satisfy your munchies.

And if that's not enough, a place in Tijuana has decided to take the corn on the cob to another level, making it hard to ignore and almost forcing you to break your diet: Corn on the cob covered in Cheeto's Flamin' Hot, Dorito's, and Takis dust, among others.

This machiavellian creation is called "Elotes Revolcados" and can be found at "La Patrona," located at Avenida Río Tijuana, No. 2634, Col. Revolución.

Price is $45.00 pesos or $3.00 dlls.

What is you stomach thinking right now? Yay or ney?

Want to know more about "La Patrona" and its menu? Click here




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