Tiajuana Donut Bar Wants to Break the Guinness Record of the World's Largest Donut

Imagine a 5 and more meters donut?

Tiajuana DONUT BAR wants Tijuana to make history by breaking the Guinness record of "The biggest donut in the world," and invites the whole city to be part of this marvel of local cuisine.

Speaking exclusively with San Diego Red, Tiajuana DONUT BAR revealed their ambitious plans to go down in history and have their name officially in the Guinness World Records Book.

They will make a giant version of the "Homer Donut" with a measure of 5.80 meters in the store located in Plaza Rio. The date is not defined at the moment, but it is thought to be within two or three weeks. Stay tuned to their social media to know the official date.

Tiajuana DONUT BAR says that 5, 000 people will be able to enjoy a piece of this iconic donut, which is an already recognized piece by all the lovers of The Simpsons series.

Homer Donut- Photo: Cynjen Romero / SDR
Homer Donut- Photo: Cynjen Romero / SDR


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