Thousands of Students are About to Graduate from UABC Tijuana

More professionals are ready to step into the world

Yesterday, the ceremony of potential students to graduate organized by the Autonomous University of Baja California (UABC) was held. In this event were present most of the students who are about to finish their studies. Directors of all faculties and the President of UABC, Dr. Juan Manuel Ocegueda Hernández were also there.

In the event, he pointed that this semester at a state level, 4,911 students will graduate, and 2,168 will be from the TIjuana campus, emphasizing the importance of Tijuana in the making of professionals in Baja California.

Also, Ocegueda sent a message to the people who attended the ceremony:

Each of us has benefited at some point from the work and goodwill of other people, practice solidarity and support those who ask for help, to the extent that we be more supportive and support each other, multiply success stories and build a more prosperous society.



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