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How Many Cigarettes Do You Smoke Daily?

What are your reasons?

Photo by: Vanessa Villalvazo /SanDiegoRed

On many occasions, we have tried to leave a vice behind no matter how much we love it, but in reality, how many times have we heard "I'll give up my cigar for good"?

Yesterday was International No Tobacco Day, where millions of people expressed their anguish, anxiety or fascination for this product, which can be quoted in a lot of money. If we see it on a large scale, it could also be a relief for many after having a moment of stress.

But, have you asked yourself: what reasons lead you to continue doing it or why do you like to buy cigarretes every day?

One of the main partners of daily life is that it causes peace and tranquility after an intense work day.

Other reason is that people do it simply to belong to a social group or to please certain people (which is a respectable decision, but isn't that sad?)

Undoubtedly, the most common reason for people to do it is to calm the anxiety or replace any personal or social problem that they are trying to face with "help" from the cigarette.

There could be thousands of reasons which lead you to this vice, but it is important to always consider that this can lead to many health problems too, and even affect your looks.

There is also the famous "cigarette diet", which many people endorse to lose enough weight in a short time... healthy or harmful?

We can only recommend you to try to diminish this habit, one that has killed and sicken thousands of people, even knowing what can happen to them.

Happy International No Tobacco Day!


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