Haitian Student: If I Don't Get Accepted at UABC, I'll Go to Ibero Tijuana

He has learned Spanish by himself and knows 4 languages

Photo by: Cortesía

TIJUANA.- There is no doubt that when you are clear about your objectives and want to achieve something, you achieve it with effort and time; such has been the case of young Haitians who made their admission test last week to the Autonomous University of Baja California (UABC).

One of them is 28-year-old Stebenson Richemond, who works in a medical product company in the city and has already applied for the Languages ​​degree to study Translation, since he masters almost 4 languages : Creole, French , Portuguese and a bit of Spanish.

Despite having some problems with the pronunciation of Spanish, Stebenson said that the admission test to UABC was a great experience for him. As a matter of fact, the realization of said test was possible thanks to the help of the free Spanish course offered by "Espacio Migrante" (Migrant Space).

For the time being, he is waiting for #UABC to give him a new date for the application of the English test.

However, Stebenson has a second plan in case he can't make it to the Translation degree, which is to continue with a 100% scholarship process at the Universidad Iberoamericana Tijuana for a career in Business Administration.

A friend told me about this and I went to the scholarship office to ask for it. But they told me that if I wanted a 100% scholarship I had to have an average of 8 in high school and my average was 7.80, so they asked me to write a letter for a petition.

Next Wednesday, June 13, Stebenson will take the English test at Ibero.


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