Check Out These 4 Tijuana Events for the Weekend

Laugh, cry, and dance!

Photo by: Instagram @latchkeyboy

TIJUANA.- This weekend may not have a lot of events, but there's always some event for every person.

Friday, June 15

Raúl G. Meneses

The comedian, Raúl Meneses, returns to Tijuana this weekend to make you laugh with his squirrel voice accompanied with a dose of sarcasm and black humor, while exploring myths and legends that have marked our generation.

  • Where? Cine Tonalá

  • Time: 10:00pm

  • Admission: $250 pesos or $13.00 dlls

  • More information: here

    Frank Sinatra's Tribute

    Jimmy Mulidore will be in charge of starring in this event where all the songs of great Frank Sinatra will be played with the help of the band The Border.

    [li]Where? Marko Disco, Cuauhtémoc Sur Poniente 2000, Dávila

  • Time: 8:00pm
  • Admission: $200 pesos or $11 dlls
  • Saturday, June 16

    The Crash

    Like every month, The Crash comes back with more fights, blood and adrenaline.

  • Where? Auditorio Fausto Gutiérrez

  • Time: 8:30pm

  • Admission: From $205 pesos or $10 dlls, to $910 pesos or $45.00 dlls

  • More information: here

    Así Somos Tour: Flans

    Ilse, Ivonne and Mimí from Flans will visit Tijuana to celebrate their three decades of artistic career and their tour "Así Somos."

    [li]Where? Museo El Trompo

  • Time: 10:00pm
  • Admission: From $378 pesos or $19.00 dlls to $1,944 pesos or $95.00 dlls

  • [li]More information: here


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