Only AMLO can save Mexico, Vladimir Putin stated this before the electoral winning.

He assured this in a Spanish interview

Photo by: Kremlin.ru / Wikipedia

During an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin for a Spanish magazine, the president spoke about what he thought of one of the candidates for the presidency, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, stating that the president-elect has a better outlook for the country than the previous ones.

Vladimir talked about the continuity of the bilateral import and export treaties withMexico, when he was suddenly approached by the question "'What do you think of what the Nation is living?". In response to this, he replied that he did not discredit any leader and that everyone has always sought to play a good role, although he considers that López Obrador is the candidate who could lead Mexico to progress and therefore, remove the country from the precipice in which it finds itself.

These statements were made long before the electoral elections in Mexico, which would elect the next president of Mexico. It seems that President Putin has always had a good impression of Andrés Manuel.

Via Argumento Político



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