Honduran Gastronomy delights Tijuana

This Honduran restaurant was created to help their countrymen and you could do it too

Tijuana is the city of migrants and that is why it makes us one of the most gastronomically rich cities, since each migrant community that comes to this land manages to leave a grain of sand when it comes to food.

This happened with the "Haitian Chicken", which caused an international sensation, which is why many Americans crossed to Tijuana just to try this delightful dish. Unfortunately, due to the "bad image" that many Tijuanans have regarding the Honduran community, the communication with the Migrant Caravan has slowed down, so we have not been able to learn more about their traditions and food.

Honduras 504, is a restaurant created by Hondurans and located on Avenida Miguel F. Martínez 565 in the Zona Norte, which has gone a little unnoticed and has been open for more than 8 months. In it you can find dishes such as "Ground beef with potatoes", "ground beef with slices", "carne asada", "Mondongo", "chicken stew with coconut", "salpicón", among other typical dishes of your country.

The Hondurans who gave life to this place arrived to the city two years ago.

For now, the owners of this restaurant are helping their countrymen, so with their own resources they bring food once a week, with around 200 to 500 dishes.

A Tijuana native who has known this restaurant, her initiative invites those who like to help the migrant caravan, supporting what they can with supplies, so that this restaurant can continue to prepare food for the community.



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