850 tamales donated to homeless people

A San Diego-based photographer fed hundreds of homeless people in the city

Photographer Abe Barron, and a group of good-hearted volunteers, donated 850 tamales.

“So, in case you haven’t heard or read about it, I’m making a mission of a project called Christmas on the streets”, stated Barron on Instagram.

“I work a lot with the homeless and we wanted to do something special this year, and bring them a special Christmas. The mission has become bigger and bigger each day.

One of the things I wanted to do was to have tamales to distribute, my objective was getting 400 tamales to distribute with each Christmas gift.”

Making tamales is hard work and buying 400 would have been too expensive. Luckily @twoworksfarm sent a message to propose a meeting with him and other volunteers that wanted to make the tamales.

He also approached @chefclaudiasandoval, who’s a famous chef worldwide. In a meeting with men and women that taught him the history and process of making 850 tamales to serve to the community.

“It’s insane how much the exceeded my expectations, it moved me and my eyes watered, but what moved me the most was they wanted to do more and provide shelter to the refugees that cross the border. I keep in touch with the refugees and I know there are a lot of people against it, so when I heard this my heart melted because they also need the help and this would be a great blessing.”

Via: Nation


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