New Year’s traditions to start your year right

Traveling, money and love are waiting for you this upcoming year

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New Year’s traditions to start your year right
Traveling, money and love are waiting for you this upcoming year

You can never have enough help to accomplish all of your 2019 resolutions.
These New Year’s rituals will help you get the travels, money and love you want!

The classic: Walk outside your house with a suitcase to travel, go back in your house with the right foot, use colorful underwear to attract different things.

These odd traditions are for traveling, reaching success or just starting off the year right. If these are not true, you’ll still have a good time with your family and friends.

New Year’s traditions in Latin America

Go out to the street with an empty suitcase at the strike of midnight, the longer your walk is the more you’ll travel.

Eating a big plate full of beans or lentils for economical abundance. This is a very common tradition among latin countries and they say it is also very delicious. (Italians also have this tradition with lentils and beans)

Who hasn’t choked up with the 12 grapes of New Year’s?

It’s a race against time and the 12 strikes of the bell of the new year, in which each grape represents a wish for every month of the year. People believe that every wish has to be different.

Colored underwear: To attract health (green), love (red), money (yellow, and even though there isn’t a color to attract travels, we believe that as long as they’re new that’s enough to make your wishes come true.

This tradition is so common that in Turkey people sell underwear in the streets for your New Year’s.

New Year’s traditions around the world

It doesn’t matter which country it is, everybody celebrates with the same intensity and everybody has created different rituals that thousands of travelers join every year. These are some of the most famous ones:

Venice: In San Marcos Plaza, thousands of people gather to kiss each other at the strike of midnight.

UK: British people swim in the coldest lakes of the country.
South Africa: If you’re walking around in the city you have to be careful because a couch, a chair or a table might fall on you. The residents of the neighborhood of Hillsboro in Johannesburg throw out of their windows all of the things that are no longer useful to them.

Denmark: Show your love and good wishes to your friends, throwing ceramic plates.

Estonia: They have dinner 7 times to always have food on their tables.

India: Basmati rice! The country eats a lot of rice to symbolize prosperity in the United Staes. In the south people eat a stew for good luck called “Good luck hoppin Jhon.”

Would you try any of these rituals?

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